I’ve always been a sexual person, very open and comfortable with my sexuality, a huge perv if you will. I’m well known for inappropriately touching friends, just for a laugh, and everyone is pretty much cool with it. But for one friend,we’ll call her Sarah for sake of privacy, things were different.

Now there is a wide range of what I generally do and get away with, usually slapping an ass, rubbing at a clit through pants, and caressing a tit, ect. One day I was at a friends house, it was about 8 of us hanging out as per usual. Randomly, Sarah and I ended up alone, in the kitchen, and of course I used the opportunity to slowly slide my hand up her thigh, then gently, using to fingers caressed her clit through her jeans. This was typical behavior for me, and I was just about to walk away when surprisingly she let out s oft moan. I was shocked, I and shocked further still at the increase in heat surrounding my fingers. I had never expected her to respond.

Seeing the look of confusion on my face, Sarah laughed and said “Oh, you never knew I liked it?? That I’ve been dreaming of you slipping that tongue of your into my pussy?”. With that, I moved closer to her, pressing my fingers against her, rubbing much harder than before, while I used my other hand to play with her nipples under her t shirt. “Uhh hummmm” she moaned slightly and hummed, we didnt want our other friend to hear us. And she [being taller than me] leaned down and kissed me, we slowly tongued each other, stopping every now and then to gently bite her lower lip and look to the entry way to see if anyone was coming. She then stopped me entirely saying “Vanessa, please stop teasing me,” as she took my hand, undid her pants and slid my hand into her panties. I nearly died when I discovered how soaked she was was, I had already been wet, but I felt my own panties moisten more when I saw what a juicy little treat I would be devouring soon.

I slowly circled her clit and slowly dipped one finger in her dripping wet pussy. “Oh . . . Nessaaa” hearing her moan my name made me crazy. I wanted my tongue inside her so bad, but I knew what I had to do, I wanted this to last. I pulled my finger out and licked it happy to taste her juices. And I said to her “I wanna savor this, I want it to last sweetie” so I shoved her, and bent her over the kitchen table. She was still wearing her underwear, now soaked with her juices, I smacked her ass a few times to watch as it jiggled and the wet spot get a little bigger. So I got behind her, reached around and caressed her pussy thorough her soaked underwear. First cupping sort of, and slowly rubbing her entire pussy, she started to moan again slightly, so I parted her lips felt even more moisture come out of her impossibly wet slit. Once again I started circling her clit and Sarah began to moan even louder now. She was begging for me to eat her, dying for me to pop her lesbo cherry. And believe me,I was dying to get in there, and taste her, have her clit in my mouth, but I knew it wasnt time yet. And with that, I used one finger and lightly rubbed the very tip of her clit, swirling my finger nice and fast, and immediately she started bucking and grinding almost ready to explode. I gladly pushed forward and allowed her to rub my pussy with her ass, grinding and pressing against me. I was biting my lip, suppressing a moan, now it was time, I was more than ready to delve right into that sweet hot little pussy.

I turned her around and sat her on the table kissing her deeply, pulling off her panties, she was moaning “Yes . . .yes . . . please” between every kiss ready for me to devour my treat. And that when our friends started calling is from the other room. “Vanessa, Sarah, what’s taking so long?” “Yeah, what are you guys doing?!??!?” And I was livid. All that hard work and I didnt get to finish!! Steaming hot pussy, right there! And I didnt get a good taste! So we laughed off our frustration fixed ourselves and went back to the the other room with our friends.

I know what you’re thinking. “WTF! They didnt even really do it! That’s no first time!” And you’re right it wasnt.

Months later, a few of my friends decided that they’d come to my house and hang out for a while. Sarah was coming too. It was nothing new, a regular occurrence even. Generally the three of them that were coming over met up and came together since the live close by each other, which usually caused them to be pretty late. But this time Sarah had a doctor’s appointment, and would be coming over on her own right after that. So of course she got there first, our other two friends woudnt get here for another hour or so. And as we sat down and got to talking, I realized it was the first time we’ve been alone since that day. And this time we were reallyalone. At that very moment I think it dawned on her as well, because the conversation had completely dwindled down, just awkward silence and tension.

For maybe 10 minutes or so we sat there, she was making feeble attempts at conversation, I knew what she really wanted, but she was shy, and nervous. She had just started mumbling something about the weather when I shushed her, I put my finger to her lips and told her to relax. Maybe the shyness was a front? I dont know, but with that she pulled me on top of her and we started to kiss, she immediately put her hands im my shirt and undid my bra, demanding that I take of my shirt. She was in control, I’m guessing she had dreamed about what she’d do to me if she had the opportunity, and now she was living out what she had probably rehearsed in her head for months. It was cute, so I let her. She pushed me flat on my back in the couch we had been sitting quietly only moments before. She straddled me and leaned in for another kiss. I was slightly taken aback but totally aroused by her f***efulness. “A little rough, I like that!” I said, biting my lip afterward. “Bite me. Hard” and Sarah obeyed. She first trailed her tongue down the side of my neck, sending shivers down my back, and then she bit down. Nice and hard. “Mmmmm, ohhhh” I moaned, while scratching her back. So she’d been listening to my stories, she new exactly how I liked it. She finally released me and then began trailing her tongue up and down my neck again stopping to swirl over where she had bitten while pinching a nipple. I moaned again, loving how I could feel her pussy throb and heat up as I moaned beneath her. She did good, but it was my turn, it was time to show how to work a pussy.

In an instant I had reversed our position. Now Sarah was on her back, legs wrapped around me while I was over her, and I kissed her again. Now I pulled her up into a sitting position, on the edge of the couch, legs spread while I knelt on the floor, taking in the display. I had been with plenty of other girls, and eaten many pussies, but non of them were ever first timers. It was beautiful, I barely had to do much for her to respond, I blew on her pussy and she moaned loudly. This time I wasnt going to play with her, I got right down to business, I was dying to get my tongue in her.

She was dripping wet, and I wanted to taste her, I dipped in one finger, just circling the hole, and she moaned even louder this time, scooting forward greedy for my fingers. I licked my finger and stuck it right back in, all the way. And out again. Repeating this and going faster, Sarah began to breathe heave and felt how deliciously wet she was getting, so I stuck my middle and my pointer finger in, making her moan so much louder. I wet another finger with her juices and gently played with her asshole, swirling around, and that really[/] got her going. The two fingers I had in her pussy I know poked upwards, you know doing the ‘come here’ motion and fingered her spot, first going slow, and then going fast,and I was still playing with her asshole. Now by this time she was screaming for me “Oh FUCK yes, god Nessa that’s good . . .ohhh my god NESSAAAA!” I felt her spot start to swell up, and I back off a little, resuming normal fingering, and then finally I started to swirl my tongue around her clit, and shoved part of my finger up her ass.

Sarah was going crazy, she was practically drooling as she mashed my face into her pussy when I started to suck on her clit, continuously swirling my tongue over it. “Oh god . . .god yes! Fuck!!!” she moaned even louder as I hummed while sucking it. Then I started to finger her asshole, nice and slow, as she started to grind and move her hips around. I finally released her clit and i slowly started to tongue fuck her wet pussy. Did I mention how absolutely delicious she was? Delectable to say the least! Hot and glazed with her juices, thinking about how yummy it was makes me wet all over again. I continued to tongue her hole getting faster and increasing in speed while fingering her butt as well. Then she really started to buck, and she yelled my name and came, hot sweet, all over my tongue, dripping down my chin, just fucking delicious. And right on cue, the door bell rang, our other friends had finally arrived, I kissed her one last time and let her taste her self on my fingers. And off I went to clean up and answer the door.

The End

And this really is true, first part happened in January the second part only a month ago. We havent had a chance to go at it again yet. But I cant wait ^.^


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