I met my wife, Mayumi, in the Philippines back when I was in my early 30’s. I went on one of those sex trips to enjoy myself for a week with the bar girls of Angeles City but I never made it to the bars. I checked into my hotel mid morning and went for a walk around the district. The hotel was located near the financial centers of Manila and I strolled through the nearby shopping area. I happened to be walking past a fancy woman’s store and nearly knocked over a young woman coming out the door. I apologized profusely and we struck up a conversation. I was surprised how easily it was to talk to her. She didn’t mind chatting with a stranger and I became suspicious that she might be a bar girl shopping for the day. I didn’t know really what to expect but I learned that in fact she was not a prostitute but a mid level manager at a Manila bank. I invited her for lunch and she readily agreed. To make a long story short I found her to be beautiful and enchanting and we started a relationship that ended in marriage. Her parents weren’t that happy with me as they had hoped she’d marry into a rich Filipino f****y. I at that time earned an OK wage installing alarm systems in homes around San Francisco. I earned enough to support a wife comfortably but not in high style.

The first two years of our marriage we got to know each other and she came to live with me in San Francisco. Nearby is a very large Filipino community in Daley city and she even had some relatives living there so that made things more comfortable for her.

In about the third year of our marriage we started to spice up our life with some erotic activities. It’s very easy to do in San Francisco. It started for her by our going to the annual Exotic Erotic Ball. Mayumi found she loved to dress in sexy alluring clothing and catch the eye of men looking at her breasts and legs. At the Ball she wore what turned out to be a pretty typical out fit of black bra, black panties, black garter belt, black hose and black heels. After a night of walking around like this and having her ass groped every once in awhile at the ball when we got home our sex was particularly hot. We then moved on to the occasional swing club.

Sadly, for me anyway, something happened in our marriage. Something she would never tell me. About the fifth year her mood changed and we stopped our games and in fact sex was a rare occurrence for the next two years until she told me she wanted a divorce. I was devastated and to this day it’s still painful to remember.

Anyway during the good times my then erotic Filipina wife and I developed a number of different adventures to satisfy our sense of eroticism. I’ll relate one of those adventures here. From time to time we’d pick up a day laborer to do yard work for us. One Saturday in early spring we’d picked up a young Mexican to pull weeds in the back yard. My wife brought him some cold juice for a break as was her habit with the workers and she couldn’t help but notice how he stared at her legs and smiled at her. This excited her very much as he was younger and better looking then the men we usually found to work in our yard. As we pillow talked that night she brought it up and we began to fantasize together how it would be fun for her to seduce a good looking young laborer if we ever encountered another. We both found the idea highly erotic and the fantasy added a lot of spice to our lovemaking. As we developed the theme we also started to think about bringing it to reality.

On a hot day in mid summer we found our chance. It wasn’t planned but when I went to pick up a laborer I spotted a young Mexican Adonis and quickly waved him over to my car.

As we rode back we engaged in the usual chatter about the job, pay, and hours. He said his name was Armando and during the 20 minute ride I had time to appraise our target and knew I had made a choice that would excite my wife. He had the look. His shoulders were wide and tapered nicely down to a narrow waist that curved out to nice hips, a strong ass, and smoothly formed legs.

On this day it wasn’t preplanned so I didn’t mention anything to my wife. I thought I’d let her see him and see how she’d react on her own with no prompting.

I pulled into our driveway and led Armando to the back yard where I wanted a large patch of ground to be turned over and weeded. I supplied him with tools and gloves and left him to his work. As per custom my wife came out with a cooler of juice and a glass so that he could refresh himself from time to time in the morning before lunch.

When she came back into the house she walked up to me. Her face was flushed and she just whispered, “I want him.” I turned rock hard instantly.

To aid Mayumi’s seduction she put on pair of thin cotton shorts and tee shirt with no bra. The shorts weren’t tight but they d****d nicely over her ass and the loose cuffs stopped mid thigh. She wanted to be seductive but not obviously. Since her breasts are firm they wouldn’t jiggle too much beneath the thin material of her t shirt but if you looked closely you could see the shape of her nipples just poking at the material.

The area where Armando was working was just off the rear deck of the house. The deck wrapped around our master bedroom and my wife let herself out of the French doors onto the deck to sit at the outdoor divan ostensibly to read but in reality to entice our young man. From time to time she would get up to look over the railing and observe Armando’s work. Making sure he got a glimpse of her breasts and long legs.

At about noon my wife looked over at Armando and told him that he had worked too fast. That he had done what we thought would be a full days work and that he could now stop but promised to pay him for a full day. She also told him that he’d have to stay at the house for another two hours because I had left to take care of something so she said she would get them both some lunch and would wait for me to come back and take him to his pickup point.

She then suggested that he clean up and take a shower. She told him that she would wash his clothes and give him some of my clothes until his were ready.

I had driven the car a few blocks away and walked back to the house while my wife was talking to Armando. I snuck into our large walk in closet where I had placed a stool to sit on and could see our bedroom through the slatted doors.

Armando agreed to the shower and as he opened the bathroom door a crack to hand out his dirty clothes my wife purposely stumbled a bit and pushed the door open far enough to catch him standing naked. My wife gasped in feigned alarm as her eyes lowered to gaze at his crotch and then she pulled the door shut uttering her phony apologies. I couldn’t see any of this from my vantage point but I could clearly hear it and became very aroused at the interplay, excited and amused by my wife’s transparent stunt.

My wife then put his clothes in the washer and rushed off to the nearby Taqeuria to pickup a couple of burritos (she planned to eat with him) and chips. When she returned Armando had finished his shower and was standing on the deck outside the bedroom waiting for her return. He was wearing my sweat pants and a t shirt. My wife didn’t give him any underwear so his dangling penis was clearly molded against the fabric of the pants.

My wife put the burritos and chips on the patio table and opened a couple of bottles of beers for the two of them. As they sat down to eat my wife used this as an opportunity to remind him of her spotting his nakedness by apologizing for the supposedly inadvertent intrusion. Armando smiled and said it was no problem. Which I’m sure it wasn’t for him. At this point my wife upped the ante of her seduction by smilingly telling him that he had a nice body. Armando smiled back and said thank you and offered with a sly grin that he thought my wife had a nice body too. My wife now feeling the game was on offered her sly thank you’s in return. She also mentioned that she’s glad that I’m not there right now (again reminding Armando of my absence) because I would certainly be jealous if I knew what had just happened.

I was sitting in the closet not able to hear any of this and agonizing excitedly over how Mayumi’s seduction was moving along. I would have to wait until after I took Armando back to the pick up point and return to have my hot wife fill in the details.

As they sat and chatted my wife would make sure she pushed her breasts against the fabric of her shirt so that Armando could see the outlines of her nipples and to add to the seduction she started asking Armando about girlfriends and that he must have many since he was so handsome. It wasn’t long before she had him eating out of her hands and telling her everything about his right now non existent love life since he was far from home. My wife then got up to bring two more beers giving her the additional opportunity to walk past him showing off her fine ass under her shorts and bare legs. As they sat sipping the second beer under the warm early afternoon sun my wife continued to probe his personal life while sitting seductively across from him moving her shoulders from time to time in such a way that her breasts would be attractively displayed under the t shirt.

Armando perhaps due to the second beer became a little more expressive and expansive in his conversation now telling her how beautiful she was and not hiding his lingering glances at her breasts. It was now time to put Armando’s clothes in the dryer which my wife used as yet another opportunity to walk past him for a better view of her body. When she got back up Armando stood and announced he had to use the bathroom and walked to the master bath while my wife went upstairs to put his clothes in the dryer.

As Armando walked past the closet toward the bathroom I could see for the first time how he looked in the sweatpants and t shirt. I hadn’t known what was going on at the table but I could see it must have had some effect on him as I noticed the bulge in his crotch. As Armando came out of the bathroom I could see that he was naked. Obviously he was going to grab my wife when she returned to go back out on the deck through the master bedroom. I couldn’t help but think how delicious this was and eagerly waited for my wife to spot him standing next to our bed and see the hard cock that was waiting for her. I knew my wife would like what she saw. Armando’s cock was average size but very nicely shaped and of course rock hard.

The fun began as my wife walked into the bedroom and spotted the naked Armando. Mayumi let out a gasp (not feigned as she told me later, also not displeased) as she took in the sight of Armando standing there in all his glory rubbing his cock and grinning.

“No Armando, don’t do this, she play acted. (Rather well I might add).

“Chica”, Armando uttered, “I know what you’ve been thinking.”

“What do you mean Armando, I haven’t been thinking anything. Please put your clothes back on”, as she slowly backed away. (Very slowly)

“That’s not true”, Armando replied and he moved quickly to grasp my wife to pull her to him.”

“No, I was just being nice please no, no, don’t do this”. I hear her moan. “Please stop.”

My wife and I hadn’t gamed out the scene this way I assumed she was extemporising but I couldn’t be sure if she had changed her mind. For some reason the thought of her being f***ed excited me all the more.

“No chica, we aren’t going to stop now” With that Armando pushed her back on the bed and reached down to pull off her shorts. He had the waist band halfway down her thighs before she grabbed them back. Her cunt was clearly exposed as she struggled.

“Armando, no don’t my husband will find us”

“You told me he won’t be back for two hours”

“Maybe I was wrong, he could come back at any moment,” she cried.

Armando laughed, and said “I don’t think so” as he pulled her shorts out of her hands and all the way off her legs. Now my wife was naked from the waist down and Armando went to push her shirt up over her breasts.

I could see my wife weakly attempt to push his hands away and I heard her continue to softly plead for him to stop to no avail. Armando gripped her ankles and pulled her back across the bed while my wife twisted and turned to elude his grasp. From my vantage point I was looking at Armando’s finely muscled ass and back and his well formed legs. I could see my wife’s legs splayed out to his right and left and held up by his muscular arms. I was imaging what my wife was thinking as he dragged her cunt closer to his cock. I could hear her muted cries of “No, please stop, you’re r****g me, stop, stop.” I was almost believing her but not quite. It was delicious.

Armando had her twisting body on the edge of the bed, his body standing between her splayed legs. I really wanted to see her pussy at this point and how close his cock was to it’s goal but Armando’s body blocked my view.

He then fell on top of her pinning her to the bed. Mayumi continued to protest and attempted to fight him off for a bit and then went limp.

I then heard her say, “Please if you’re going to do this I have some condoms, please wear them.” I chuckled to myself and so did Armando and he readily agreed. Mayumi reached into the end table and took a few packets out. I found it interesting that she took more than one out and perhaps Armando got the message too.

Armando demanded, “put the condom on me chica,” and my wife moved to the edge of the bed and rolled the condom over his cock. He then put his hands around the back of her head and pulled it too him. His body covered my view of my wife’s face but I could tell that she now had taken his cock in her mouth. Our erotic adventure was in high gear now and my faced flushed with excitement as I watched her hands grasp his ass cheeks and I could tell by the indentations of his skin that she had a firm grip. Armando’s ass moved back and forth as he fucked her mouth. After about 5 minutes of Mayumi sucking him Aramando pushed her back on the bed, lifter her legs up to his shoulders and I could tell he easily slid his cock into my wife’s pussy. It wasn’t long before I heard her characteristic moans as Armando picked up the pace of his ramming his cock into her pussy. I was doing my best not to cum as I heard the slush of Mayumi’s juices and the slap of skin against skin.

Armando must have fucked Mayumi for about 15 minutes before my wife’s moans rose to a crescendo as she orgasmed and Armando’s sweaty body collapsed on top of her as he panted out his climax. I could no longer contain myself and exploded all over the inside of the closet door.

The two to them lay there for awhile panting out their release, Armando still on top of my wife their legs entertwined, Mayumi caressing up and down Armando’s back and ass cheeks as he slowly moved his ass back and forth against my wife’s cunt. When Armando finally rolled off Mayumi to lay on his back next to her I could see Mayumi’s cunt glistening in the afternoon sunlight coming through the window. I felt such passion for my lovely wife at this moment that I wanted to burst out of the closet and fuck her madly. I loved my erotic wife and was so pleased that she loved these sexual games so much.

Mayumi, lying next to Armando, softly took his cock in her hand and rolled the condom off his penis and deposited it into the waste basket near the bed. She then leaned over his cock and took it into her mouth again. This was a glorious picture for me as her beautiful, shimmering black hair fell over this thighs and I admired the sinuous form of her exquisite 5’6″ frame lying on her stomach perpendicular to Armando. The sight of her bare rounded ass and long graceful legs inflamed me anew.

Mayumi pulled her mouth away from Armando’s soft cock and asked him if he’d like another beer to which he readily assented. Mayumi got up and walked over to our mini fridge and pulled out two beers, popped the cap, and returned to lie with Armando with their heads resting against the backboard. As they sipped my wife placed her hand on Armando’s cock again and softly massaged it as it lay against his stomach. Armando returned the favor by cupping my wife’s pussy with his free hand.

As they sipped their beer, Amando asked my wife, “You were just play acting weren’t you.” “No”, my wife responded keeping up the pretense. “I wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done this. I really didn’t want to” “I don’t believe you chica”, Armando replied, “You have been teasing me all morning, showing me your hot body in a tight t shirt, and pretty legs in those shorts.” “Armando, I always wear those clothes around my own house, I didn’t mean to tease you, I never thought of having sex with you, really. You surprised me and scared me.”

I was in heaven again. I loved hearing my wife’s protestations and my cock responded. This was almost as exciting as watching her get fucked.

The two of them continued to banter back and forth as they sipped their beers. When they had finished Armando asked, “Am I going to have to **** you again?” Mayumi laughed and gave a quick “No”, and rolled over on top of Armando and passionately kissed him. Aramando edged down the bed to lay flat on his back with my wife on top of him. This was another arousing sight for me to see their caramel colored skin merge nearly into one.

Mayumi lifted herself to straddle Armando and rocked back and forth on his cock to harden him. When that was successfully accomplished Mayumi lifted her crotch to align his cock with her pussy and slowly she lowered herself back down. Now Mayumi was in control and rode him like she rode me so often. I was ready to explode again as I watched my wife close her eyes and begin the climb to another climax. She pumped her ass furiously back and forth grinding her clit against Armando’s pubic bone and Armando energetically matched her thrust for thrust. This was a mad rut for both of them that turned their bodies to sweat as their passions rose as did mine. I knew Mayumi’s moans well and timed my orgasm to hers as she fell heaving up on down on top of Armando’s chest. Armando wasn’t done and roughly rolled her on her back and continued to jam his cock into her pussy. I watched his ass rise and fall while my wife held onto his shoulders and began another climb to a second shattering climax just as Armando blasted his sperm into my wife’s cunt. They were so lost in their passion that they had forgotten all about the condoms. I had too as I filled my hand with my own sperm.

I had watched my wife fuck a number of other men at swing clubs but for some reason this was one of the most exciting of all our erotic adventures. I loved how it was somewhat spontaneous this morning and that my wife had been immediately eroticized by the opportunity. And her play acting the **** was a touch that thrilled me. Lastly seeing my wife with a younger strong body was an indelible memory.

Mayumi and Armando kissed and embraced for another 10 minutes or so when my wife told Armando they had to get dressed as I was do back soon. After they dressed she lead him up to the living room and I snuck out to retrieve the car and rode back to the house.

Armando and I were both quiet on the way back to his pick up point each of us no doubt reliving the excitement in our own way.[Califguy123]


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