This erotic encounter happened last night, and I thought I would share some details while it was fresh in my mind. I hope no-one thinks it disrespectful that I share our story. Of course this posting is with the consent of my young Pinay Fuck Buddy (FB), who is in her early twenties. I am double her age. I’m a white boy, BTW.
The sexting started, as it had before….

Me: How’s your pussy.
FB: Haha very horny.
Me: I wanna bury my mouth and juice you up. Is it getting hairier?
FB. No. it’s still the same.
Me: Slow growth. Do you want to do some cock sucking practice?
FB: Yes, and some riding practice. And I want to open up your ass hole. Haha
Me: You’re going to violate my butt again?
FB: Hell yeah. LMAO
Me: Go for it, you cruel bitch.
FB: Really? Because I won’t hold back and will open you up with five fingers.
Me: You know I can’t take five fingers. I can’t even take one, maybe two. I bet your pussy can take five.
FB: Hahaha. I think.
Me: We’ll find out won’t we? I want to get you on your hands and knees. I’ll bend you over and gape your pussy wide.
Me: I’d love to see you and eat you out.
FB: Okay. And prepare your ass to be opened up! Think you can buy yourself a butt plug?
Me: Maybe I will for you.
FB: Really? Would you really? I’ll come over if you do it.

So there I was, a helpless victim of circumstance. She has always done my every bidding without hesitation, so it was only fair to reciprocate. Every good situation is for mutual benefit.
She wanted to dominate my virgin asshole, just as I had recently taken her anal virginity. Who am I to say no to the same thing?

There was no reasonable option except to go down to the local sex shop, which I have not been in for a very long time. A vibrating butt plug was purchased, and was approved via text messages from the store.

At home I took a shower and shaved my ass clean. She arrived while I was still in the shower. Normally that would cause some delay to one’s socializing, but in this case it saved me getting dressed and undressed again. Haha.

After kissing a little, she requested that I lick her pussy. No need to ask me twice since that is one of my favorite things. To her surprise, she was wet already with the sticky new juice. I told her she was wet ‘cause she’s a horny bitch.

I began my licking and quickly got her juiced up further. In admiring her prominent clitoris, I noticed that if you push down on the skin to each side, the clit pokes out like a little dick. Very cool and good for a suck. She groaned as my tongue worked her wet pussy from top to bottom. All she could say was “fuck yeah” and her eyes rolled back in her head. Holding her labia open with both hands, I held my tongue solid still and moved my head up and down to get even pressure on her open vagina. As before, I was able to make her squirt a little, and I greedily sucked up the fluid. We repeated that for several cycles. Haven’t yet been able to figure out how to get her squirting in a stream, but I will continue to work on that as I want my mouth filled with her squirt to overflowing. Now that is a worthy goal for any horny guy, so wish me luck in learning how!

I rubbed the shaft of my cock up and down in the crevice between her labia, and that felt great for both of us. But she wanted more…
FB: You’re just teasing me. I want you to fuck me.
Me: I want some cock sucking first, so it’s your choice if you get my cock clean, or covered in your pussy juice.
FB: Just stick it in.
Me: So you want to taste your pussy juice? You dirty bitch, I love it!
FB: Fuck me. OOOOHHHH!!!

After that, we moved on to a little cock sucking practice, and she was able to take in about 70%, which is commendable for a young lady still learning her skills. Those skills BTW are already very good. She’s a natural, and is driven by a very dirty mind. She’s even taught me a thing or two already. She’s a good student and always complies immediately with my carnal requests.

Me: You’re getting pretty good at sucking my cock. Do you like the taste of your pussy juice?
FB: Yeah, I do.
Me: I like it too, tastes great.
FB: When are we gonna do anal?
Me: Don’t worry, we’ll get to everything. Drink break first.
FB: Come here so I can work your ass. Go doggie style.
Me: Oh fuck. For easy access?
FB: You guessed it. Lube up your butt.
Me: Before that I want you to lick my ass. Get your tongue in there and fuck me.
FB: OK let’s do it.

So she made me moan and squirm for awhile, and loosened me up. I was a happy boy and was ready to grant her wish.

After that our little vibrating butt plug session commenced. Since I’m brand new on receiving anal, I needed a break after a short while. She ignored my request and pumped the plug all the way in. LOL. You don’t really feel it unless it moves, but this dirty girl kept pumping it in and out. If felt the intense sensations of 90% pleasure, 10% pain. I felt like I was about to pass out once or twice. At least she went slow. She made me moan and squirm as I usually do to my partner. I guess it was just a matter of time before the tables are turned. Anyone that knows me well knows I’m an anal addict, but now I’ve come across a dirty female with an anal fixation. Maybe that’s my karma. Having an object in your own butt puts a whole new perspective on anal sex. I now have increased respect for all my past anal partners (bless their hearts!) Just to clarify, they have all been women. The other road is the “wrong” road for me, so I don’t go the male route. Believe me, I’m dirty enough already and want to keep my reputation as a dirty HETEROSEXUAL boy.

After receiving my punishment, it was time to get down to the main event – hairy Asian anal. Though I have honed many skills over the years, anal sex is where I really shine in the right circumstances.

This was only the third session between FB and myself. In our first ever meeting, I penetrated her round ass smoothly and we established a decent rhythm for a first time encounter. I didn’t know that it was her FIRST TIME FOR ANAL. WOW!! When she told me that at our next meeting, I commended her performance and paid extra attention to bringing her along. She received a solid anal fuck that second time, and held up like a young goddess.

Our later sexting conversation went as follows:
Me: Wow. I fucked your ass pretty hard last time. Did you like it?
FB: Yeah I did. I liked it a lot.
Me: You did really great. I’m proud of you, honey. You’re really good at ass fucking. How do you like it compared to vaginal intercourse?
FB: I like anal better. I feel more.

So here we were at session number three. As time was running short, we needed to get down to serious business. My cock probed her ass a little and then it was time for a drink break to get me into the alcohol zone.

Next, I buried my face in her hot wet pussy to drink a little more of her tasty squirt juice, and we entered the sex zone where we both craved a nasty, hot fuck to end up the night.
Over she flipped on her stomach, slumped on the bed with her beautiful round ass sticking up, as if inviting me to “go taboo” and penetrate the forbidden hole. The forbidden fruit tastes sweeter, oh yes it does! For “Proof of Life” I took a few more pictures and prepared myself mentally. This nice lady drove a ways to my house and it was only proper that I make it worth her while. As my cock entered her anal orifice, she leaned forward, doggy style and buried her face in the pillow.

From then I worked her ass like we had been lovers for all time. We both adjusted positions from time to time to get that extra length inside her hot, juicy ass hole. Medium pace movement, but solid and deep. She moaned and I sweated, and we developed a nice rhythm together. Every now and then she whimpered like a little slut getting her ass owned, and that was extra hot for me. Her internal temperature raised, and my cock was bathed in her hot juice.
I don’t know why this happens sometimes, but her ass loosened beautifully and she became sloppy-wet inside like a pussy would. We were both exhausted but needing the release. I leaned forward on her back and worked my cock hard, balls deep. When I got close to orgasm I raised up and grabbed her hips and pounded the fuck out of her ass, sweating like a pig. Then I spurted my load deep inside her ass and collapsed on the bed. MMMMMMM

So there you have it. Four solid anal intrusions in two hours, if you count the butt plug incident. Also, some licking, some sucking and some regular fucking. An awesome time if you ask me.


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