What we looked like

My name is Tyler and I was 15 6”5 315 lbs football built with an 8 1/2in dick. Courtney was 15 5”2 95 lbs 36c tits and an amazing ass.

We’ve been friends for a long time and you could say we were friends with benefits we would kiss and groped but dumb stuff like that until this day ill remember forever. We were sitting in my room like we’ve done thousands of times before, just sitting there watching TV. Until she wanted to use my computer and I didn’t mind. She went on and some time went by, until I heard moans from by my computer. I looked over and she found the porn I had and was watching it.

I was confused and walked over to turn it off but when I got over Courtney had her hand down her pants and I just stood there until she said “aren’t you gonna join me”. I just laughed it off and wiped my dick out and her eye widened. I spit in my hand and started stroking my dick and she still had her hand down her pants which completely turned me on. I stood next to her watching her go crazy on herself.

She started to moan. I saw her start to shake as she came. She screamed and collapsed onto herself and I just let my dick go. I put it away as she got herself composed and walked back over to my bed and watched TV. I walked over and sat next to her with my dick still hard. She knew it too and said “you never cam did you”, I asked what do you mean and she nodded her head and said “over there” and I said “I didn’t mind”

Next thing I know she started kissing me and I got even hornier. She reached her hand down and started rubbing my dick. I reached under her shirt and started to squeeze her tits. Then she mounted me, and pushed me down on my back and she stood up and started to strip first her shirt and then her jeans. Then all she was in was her matching light blue bra and thong which I bought her. She then bent over and started to undo my pants.

When my pants were off she pulled my dick out and started to stroke it after she spit on it. She started to work it with her hand and then she put the tip in her mouth. She started bobbing and it felt great. She could at least get half in her mouth. I was about to cum and I could see she was playing with herself and she was soaked. She climbed on top of me and mounted me she moved her thong over and put the head of my dick at the opening of her pussy.

She slowly lowered herself until there was some resistance and I knew she was a virgin, so was I but I thought a hot girl like her would have lost it sometime ago. But then I asked if she was ready and she nodded I sat up bent my finger and put it in her mouth so she could bite it and I thrusted and she bit down in pain. I started pumping and her teeth loosened on my finger and I almost cam after 2 minutes and then she took over and bounced up and down on me. Then I grabbed her ass and squeezed then I slipped my finger in her ass and she moaned.

Maybe five minutes past by but it felt like several heavenly hours went by. I felt something in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum. I yelled it and she said “just cum in me!” With complete ecstasy we came together. I felt her pussy grab my dick and want more as she cam and I shot 6 shots of cum deep inside her. She collapsed onto me and we just laid there until my parents got home and we got dressed and she left and we talked about it for a few days until we did it again.

And it’s all true


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